Pilates: The Studios

“The largest and best equipped STOTT PILATES® Centre on the south coast!”


We offer all of our clients the ability to exercise in our state of the art STOTT PILATES Studios. Classes and individual tuition can incorporate one or all of the following forms of Pilates; mat work exercises, small props, or the highly specialised Pilates machinery such as the V2 max Reformer.


The Pilates machinery we have is the next generation in fitness training and takes Pilates mat work exercises to the next level. Using spring resistance, a moveable carriage and pulley system, the V2 Max Reformer is one of the most effective and precise ways of enhancing your fitness. Used by the likes of Tiger Woods and the New Zealand Rugby team this highly effective and versatile machinery lengthens and strengthens the muscles to improve overall strength, flexibility and posture. It is also suitable for almost anyone whether you are rehabilitating from injury or training for elite sport.

Within our STOTT PILATES Studios we offer a range of sessions to suit all levels and abilities including rehabilitation from injury, back care and sports specific conditioning in addition to group classes for general fitness and wellbeing.

All sessions held at the Southampton Pilates Studios will be run by a certified instructors.  The fully equipped studio offers the latest STOTT PILATES machinery including 8 V2 Max Reformers, Cadillac, Chairs and Ladder Barrel workout.

Group classes have a maximum number of 8 participants to ensure an effective and personalised.

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